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Welcome to Rajat Tokas Fansite !!!

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About Rajat

Information about RAJAT TOKAS:::

As you all know that RAJAT TOKAS is so cool & handsome and so is having a many fans following. So here is the info:

Age:16, Birthday date:19th July, Class:8th, School:Hopes Hall Foundation School, Lives at: RK Puram, Delhi, Favourite sport: Cricket & Swimming, Favourite colour: Red, Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan & Hrithik Roshan, Favourite actress: Kajol and Rani Mukherjee, Other Info: He is a bathroom singer and is learning to play Guitar.



Rajat says that Among all girls ACTING IN PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN, the most Rajat likes is MOHINI..


Guys Rajat replied to one of his fans in his chat that in real also he is having long hair.I don't know that's true or not but i read it in his chat. ARJUN IS PLAYED BY GAURAV, SANJAM IS PLAYED BY MEHUL, CHANDAR IS PLAYED BY JAVED AND PUNDIR IS PLAYED BY HARSH. Rajat also told in his chat that PUNDIR BELONGS TO THE REAL CHAUHAN FAMILY.

Guys i have come to know that Rajat fights with Sanyogita and Jwala off screen.


So how was that?? I hope u r cheered up after visiting this site and getting info about RAJAT TOKAS !!