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Welcome to Rajat Tokas Fansite !!!


Hey Guys! Are you a big big big fan of RAJAT TOKAS? If yes then you have visited the right site. You will get much information about RAJAT TOKAS. His pictures his habits and many more things.

Rajat Tokas is acute, handsome actor who is doing a great job in DHARTI KA VEER YODHA-PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN. He is just 16 yrs old but unlike other children on his age he is absolutely focused.This young actor has a huge fan following but his new fan status has not affected him. He says I am happy that my work is being appreciated by a lot of people but this is just the beginning and i have a long way to go". I WISH HIM THE SAME.

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So how was that?? I hope u r cheered up after visiting this site and getting info about RAJAT TOKAS !!